OLIAROS began as a personal project in 2001, when founder Iasson Tsakonas bought his first plot of land on Antiparos — a tiny, untouched island in the center of the Cyclades. Our first residential development project included seven houses on the west coast of the island, and introduced the concept of high quality, low impact properties to Antiparos. Our vision has always been to develop responsibly, creating architecture-led homes, while building neighborhoods and communities that are seamlessly integrated into the local landscape and existing social fabric. The Antiparos Project has now grown to more than 50 properties, working with more than 25 architects over 20 years, and has helped to turn the island into a landmark residential destination.

OLIAROS Villa Rentals was launched in 2013, combining exceptional houses — many of which are exclusive to our portfolio — with high end concierge services led by a local team. In the same year, we opened Beach House Antiparos as a meeting place and service point for OLIAROS clients and the island community. In 2024, after careful consideration, we decided to hand over the reins to Athanasia Comninos and The Rooster team, with Chef Pericles Koskinas and the Cookoovaya team taking charge of the restaurant. Beach House remains our concierge hub for our residents and guests.

Since 2021, OLIAROS has been working on a new residential development on the nearby island of Sifnos.



As a responsible residential developer, OLIAROS builds communities not just vacation homes. Via thoughtful masterplans, we design properties to be symbiotic with one another, creating a sense of belonging while allowing for privacy. We always strive to work with a variety of architects, both emerging and established, in order to bring a fresh approach to their design — and ensure individuality for each client.



Our developments are adapted to their local environment, and built according to the principles of bioclimatic architecture. By focusing our designs around strategic solutions such as orientation and cross-ventilation, we enable seamless indoor/outdoor summer living for our residents, while minimizing the energy footprint of our properties. Working towards self-sufficiency, we are aiming for our properties to use 100% solar energy.


We collaborate with landscape architects Doxiadis+ and H. Pangalou, establishing a harmonious approach to building within the Cycladic ecosystem. Development is respectful to the natural character and language of its environment, taking inspiration from its seasonal rhythms, colors, shapes and scents to inform our landscaping and planting design.