• 5
  • 650 sqm
  • 10,800 sqm
  • AREA


*atrapos: pathway, greek “ατραπος”

The sinuous curves of the house unfold along an old, agrarian pathway, closely following the natural contours of the earth. As the plan gently steps down the glen, sectional differences begin to organize the interior, and the single-level residence gradually settles into its position as a subterranean dwelling.

Discover Antiparos

Antiparos is a tiny jewel of an island in the center of the Cyclades. Its location makes it a fantastic base for exploring the nearby islands by boat; while its proximity to Athens, Paros (5 minutes by boat) and Mykonos, makes it easily accessible to international visitors. It has a beautiful and raw landscape, idyllic coves and a buzzing Chora, alongside a rich archaeological heritage, which lend the island a unique vibe. These magnetic qualities draw in a diverse, yet like-minded, international crowd that appreciates its slow rhythms and quality, authentic Greek island living.  

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