• 5
  • 630 sqm
  • 12.800 sqm
  • Deca architecture


Named after the spiral movement of its architectural volumes

It is placed on a slope that heads diagonally towards a ravine. The volume of the house wraps around itself, negotiating the slope by gradually descending towards the ground. The volume begins as a cantilever that bridges over a lap pool. After a sequence of three 90 degree turns it digs into the ground and wraps underneath the cantilever.

Discover Antiparos

Antiparos is the most central, accessible, unobstructed, residential, small fisherman's island in the Aegean Sea. It is an ideal base for countless sailing, fishing and yachting excursions in all the surrounding Cycladic islands.Antiparos radiates a unique vibe and energy; people are relaxed, the food is great, there is a wide range of sport activities, a wide selection of small nightlife spots, a beautiful open-air cinema, and a unique ancient Greek excavation site on the neighboring island of Despotiko.The island offers a variety of beaches, mostly sandy and unspoilt with a fabulous sea and seabed rich in fish and marine flora.