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  • 710 sqm
  • 8.000 sqm
  • AFGH architects
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Ingeniously balancing openness and privacy, the cave-inspired design of this unique residence organizes its living spaces around a submerged courtyard covered with a latticed roof

For PEN IV, the architects have created a continuous cavernous space that provides ample shade and natural ventilation during the summer months, while deploying different perspectives of openness in relation to the surrounding landscape towards east, south and west.

The villa’s main living areas can be separated from the courtyard and west-facing terrace via large glass sliding walls; when open, the glass walls create a seamless living experience that takes full advantage of the mild Cycladic climate and surrounding nature. An L-shaped pool surrounds the west-pointing corner of the villa. Its terrace offers 270-degree views of the sea and the coastline.


The property offers three bedrooms on the ground floor level as also an 89m² atelier with back courtyard and a sea-view balcony that can be converted into a master suite with 4.2m height ceiling. One extra bedroom, alongside with the study room and the library, and the two staff rooms are positioned on the lower level.


Study – Library: 1

Staff Rooms: 2

Exterior Paved Areas: 407 sqm (including paths & parking)

Covered Terraces: 170 sqm

Swimming Pool: 150 sqm



Discover Antiparos

Antiparos is the most central, accessible, unobstructed, residential, small fisherman's island in the Aegean Sea. It is an ideal base for countless sailing, fishing and yachting excursions in all the surrounding Cycladic islands.Antiparos radiates a unique vibe and energy; people are relaxed, the food is great, there is a wide range of sport activities, a wide selection of small nightlife spots, a beautiful open-air cinema, and a unique ancient Greek excavation site on the neighboring island of Despotiko.The island offers a variety of beaches, mostly sandy and unspoilt with a fabulous sea and seabed rich in fish and marine flora.