• 9
  • 900 sqm
  • 11.500 sqm
  • Nicos Valsamakis


Designed by one of the most important Greek architects, Nicos Valsamakis, this house in Antiparos is a masterpiece of simplicity. Mediterranean tradition is combined with a Danish flair in the interiors, where a unique collection of classic Scandinavian pieces finds its perfect place in the all white, minimalist spaces.

Discover Antiparos

Antiparos is a tiny jewel of an island in the center of the Cyclades. Its location makes it a fantastic base for exploring the nearby islands by boat; while its proximity to Athens, Paros (5 minutes by boat) and Mykonos, makes it easily accessible to international visitors. It has a beautiful and raw landscape, idyllic coves and a buzzing Chora, alongside a rich archaeological heritage, which lend the island a unique vibe. These magnetic qualities draw in a diverse, yet like-minded, international crowd that appreciates its slow rhythms and quality, authentic Greek island living.  

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